🌟 Alaric Moses Ong interviewed by Joseph Ianni from Ecomonics

🌟 Alaric Moses Ong interviewed by Joseph Ianni from Ecomonics

Alaric Ong has done 5 different businesses before, of which 3 of them were started with zero capital which went on to generate 6 figures within a few short months. One of them went on to generate 7 figures within 16 months. Currently, he is the founder of the largest Facebook Marketing Community in Singapore with over 1500 paid students.

He has also been featured in Fox, MarketWatch and Digital Journal for interviewing 6,7,8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs like Loren Ridinger (co-founder of the billion dollar company SHOP.COM), Marcos Moura (Owner of Amada Franchise, a $120 million/year business), Grant Cardone (real estate tycoon), JT Foxx (world’s number 1 wealth coach) and Hofit Golan (influencer with 2.7 million verified Instagram followers)

Here’s a quick background about him:
Hundreds of testimonials:

First business: Healthy food delivery business. Sealed a deal with DBS bank where they sent emails to 10,300 of their staff to advertise for us. He also got a dietitian from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to endorse his food.

Second business: Entrepreneurship platform. Built a team of 140 people in 10 months. Sold everything from tailor-made shirts, to cordyceps, personal development courses, health products, maids, and even electricity.

Third business: Sales and marketing agency. Helping businesses to find ways to increase their sales. Clients are from a range of industries: Hotels, Wellness, Beauty, Financial products, Network marketing and others

Fourth business: A 6 Figure Ecommerce business selling cosmetics

Fifth business: Coaching and seminar business. Right now, he runs a Coaching and Seminar Business where he has built the largest Facebook Marketing community in Singapore with more than 1500 paid students. Starting this business without any capital, he grew it to over $1 million in sales in the first 18 months.

✅How I get the interviews with ultra successful people
✅What are the insights that I have learnt from the successful people I have interviewed
✅My SOP for every interview that I do.
✅How to learn things at 3X the speed
✅The illusion of right and wrong
✅How I collected so many testimonials
✅What is the ALARIC Flywheel
✅Attention. Leads. Appointments. Revenue. Invest. Compound.
✅My thoughts about the coaching industry

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