🚨🚨 YOUR HOME EQUITY IS IN DANGER 🚨🚨 The Real Estate Pricing Bubble & Impending Equity Grab 😨 (

🚨🚨 YOUR HOME EQUITY IS IN DANGER 🚨🚨 The Real Estate Pricing Bubble & Impending Equity Grab 😨 (

Alright, so we highlighted a potentially smart play for homeowners and real estate investors on last week’s episode when we discussed tapping into home equity to fund investments into real estate and other ventures. But in true #ForeclosureDealsCoachPodcast fashion, we have to call attention to the harrowing possibilities that loom based on current market trajectory. The market is growing; that’s no secret. But all things that go up must come down, and real estate is no exception. But when you combine market corrections, rising interest rates, and  falling real estate prices with an impending flood of foreclosures as a result of eviction moratoriums, you start to see how all the equity that homeowners have accumulated during the up years can be instantly repossessed by banks calling mortgage notes due. One of our main goals is to make our listeners aware of how a combination of factors can impact their ability to build wealth through real estate. We don’t want to scare you, but we know, if you consume relevant information and leverage your relationships and resources, you can prepare for any future. Well, you’re all apart of our #ForeclosureDealsCoachFamily, and you can bet we’re going to do our best to provide perspective to help you make the best choices for you.

Mentioned in today’s episode
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Here’s a link to the article Donny discussed in today’s episode:
Fed Is Stoking Another Real Estate Price Bubble That Will Wipe Out Home Equity, Investor Peter Boockvar Warns

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