1.8 Million Americans Prefer Unemployment?!

1.8 Million Americans Prefer Unemployment?!

1.8 Million Americans Prefer Unemployment?!
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  1. Hello from Greece…. I watch your programme to educate myself on these issues ……maybe these people are mothers who missed their children .. working 15 hours a day … … or is happening here also…..my friends women mothers return home and change their lifestyle to a minimal DIY way of living . …

  2. People can't live off of minimum wage. Everyone should ask, would you happy to serve at your Mexican restaurant full time and still not be able to rent an apartment? Cost to run a business vs. cost to live as an employee. It needs to be addressed. People are trying to find another way.

  3. If you cant afford to pay people a living wage, you shouldn't be in business. You obviously are not making enough profit to sustain employee expenses

  4. On the one hand the increased unemployment benefits discourage employees to return to work; but on the other hand, it is giving an unemployed person an opportunity to find a higher paying job, with more growth potential.

  5. Ken, this is all intentional, because they are trying to usher in communism. How better to crush business but to take away what runs them

  6. Pay a living wage?? Really? The fast food and quick service restaurant’s are meant to be stepping stones to a bigger better career. The goal isn’t to flip burgers and stay there into your 30’s. Come on guys!

  7. You could start paying people $20 an hour and they would find a way to say it isn’t enough. Unemployment should be cut big time, and then you’ll see everybody rushing back to jobs. The amount of people that have spend over a year on unemployment is sickening. Get up and get to work already.

  8. I went to Carls Jr. today. They had no chicken at all. The lady working there said Taco Bell across the street also didn't have chicken and also Chick Filet was having problems. I asked the worker why and she said exactly what Ken is saying here. People are not wanting to work because they're staying on unemployment.

  9. I am fully employed and paid very well but I understand why they don't want to come back. I am thinking of taking advantage of my fully funded emergency fund and quitting.

  10. Comments are full of boe jiden “pay me a living wage” voters that don’t understand economics. Unrealistic expectation of what a living wage is. Enjoy your credit cards, car loans and $1000 iphones lol. I won’t say student debt cause if you have a degree then you better be making more than minimum wage especially with all the job opportunities now.

  11. The same people complained at the beginning of the shut down that they lost their job, then complained about being at home with their families 24-7. Now these checks are funding vacations to Mexico and car notes. If you don't have a job, where do you need to drive to? Your fellow lazy friends homes (that they lived in rent free for a year) of course.

  12. I would argue that the 1.8 million number is low. Ken mentioned a couple of restaurants in his hometown. My small, semi-rural hometown is experiencing the same situation. Restaurants are begging for workers and some have curtailed their hours as a result. Other businesses have the "help wanted" signs out and cannot find workers. Multiply that by every town in America, and you begin to get an idea of the magnitude of the problem.

    As a result, many states began to reduce unemployment benefits to counteract the increased federal stimulus amounts and prompt people to get off their rumps and back to work. Washington's response? Enact the Advanced Child Credit, which will pay parents up to $300 per month, per child under a certain age. These same parents may be in for a big surprise next tax season, when the usual child tax credit is depleted and they have to write a check to the IRS.

    The bottom line? The sum of the value of your output must exceed your wages. To those who say "businesses should simply pay people more". The only way to do that is to take a hit on your profitability or to increase prices – neither of which may be a good option. The same people who cry for a "living wage" will be the loudest to complain when that happy meal costs $20.

  13. People are sick and tired of working for unappreciative bosses and getting underpaid for what they do. Yes, the answer is to pay more and raise your prices for goods and services.

  14. This pandemic has just slapped people with a dose of reality to put themselves first…This country is suffering… Inflation is real… Why would people want to break their neck to get to a job that can't even pay their rent. I'm an independent contractor and buisness for me has been great…But I have 3 daughter's who has lost their jobs and all of them decided to go into buisness for themselves and couldn't be more happier…and better off financially.

  15. I believe some of the people currently accepting unemployment benefits are those whom have never been on unemployment. They worked hard and paid into this benefit and now are choosing to regroup and utilize the benefit they paid into. I say this without looking at the stats. Loving this show and all my fellow Ramseynites.

  16. If companies paid a higher wage, this wouldn't be a problem. Most states have a minimum wage that is not a living wage. There was an ice cream parlor that needed a position filled and they posted the position with minimum wage. They got nothing. They raised the wage to $15 and they got tons of applications. Employees don't have to compete for jobs. Jobs now have to compete for employees. I'm sure unemployment benefits play a big role in all this. But I've met many people on unemployment who would gladly take a well-paying job. Let the CEOs take a pay cut so wages can be raised. Instead of flying to space…

  17. Also, we are a nation that's gotten used to paying low prices for items created by cheap labor. If prices go up because people are finally getting paid a LIVING wage, then so be it… we already have inflation and wages have not risen to the level to meet the new cost of living, anyway.

  18. I work full time and started my own business. I've been looking for a new job and NONE of the interviews I had or job postings I saw paid a liveable wage. I'm currently barely hanging on with rent and debt snowball at $20/hr and EVERYTHING offered me lower than that. As low as $13 an hour. Why would I go bust my butt for another company and make LESS? Also, I never pulled unemployment and I've been working almost every day during this whole mess. Based off that, my experience is these businesses in my area aren't even offering a liveable wage with our rent prices skyrocketing to $1500 and upwards, gas going up, food costs rising. I completely get the point about the unemployment but I firmly believe that is not the ONLY factor in this situation. A lot of people I know started their own businesses during lockdown or found new jobs. I think the whining businesses need to strongly consider revamping before they go under. Keep the cut menus and pay your people.

  19. Hey Ken, I have seen many people have missed something very important. There are many new ways to make money with the rise of YouTube and Instagram/Tik Tok, etc. Your very platform is making money in this new market. Most of the younger generation has been wise enough to be able to make good money using these platforms and not have to go to a low wage job. Many people have now been getting educated whether it’s YouTube teachers or even getting motivated by your show to do something for themselves to help others. I was expecting this to happen in the next ten years but COVID really accelerated the process. More people are experience financial freedom and work/life balance. The unemployment is only giving people a window to start there own business, and they are taking a risk.

  20. you are getting angry because people suggested restaraunt workers should be paid more? Really? So i googled the minimum wage for restaraunt workers in the US: $2.13 an hour if they make $30 a month in tips! If a restaurant cannot pay workers more than the damn minimum wage- let that business close! Small or not, no one should have to get paid such a terrible wage. Sorry you missed out on half of your wings menu, my heart bleeds for you Ken. You can afford to pay more for your food. Oh and once you add in your silly tip (thanks tipping culture), you're food price already went up.

  21. I am a certified mechanic and I make an alright wage at a local shop. If minimum wage went up by 10 percent then the shop rate will also go up by 10 percent. Minimum wage is $13/hour right now. Shop rate is $105/hour. Minimum wage goes up by $1.30. Shop rate goes up by $10.50. The Minimum wage earner is now behind by $9.20 at the auto shop. When Minimum wage goes up my wage doesn't change. I haven't earned minimum wage in years. I am also losing because things I need will cost more. One very important thing is that I make every effort to live well with in my budget. This is something that many struggle with or ignore all together. 2 phones and internet and car payments etc. Deplete a lot of cash!

  22. Not trying to attack you Ken – but Buffalo Wild Wings pre-pandemic brought in almost $100m per year in profit (source: Fortune). Just half of a previous years profit would afford them the ability to give every single one of their 24,000 employees a dollar per hour raise. Let's keep in mind that BWW wouldn't have to give all of them a raise – leaving more to lift up those towards the bottom. I don't know if you've ever lived in poverty, but I can guarantee an extra $40 a month would make a difference.

    I assume that you're talking about the BWW on Spring Creek Dr – there in Franklin TN. I gave them a call and asked a manager about the open positions. They have some entry level positions at $7.25 an hour or positions running a fryer for $8.00 an hour. Significantly below the cost of living in Franklin TN which rules out the possibility of any adult working there full-time. Although it would still be decent spending money for a teenager. I look forward to stopping by and asking to speak to one of Ken Coleman's sons.

    In 2014 the Buffalo Wild Wings CEO received a total compensation of $4m. I wonder if she's received a raise since 2014? I can't seem to find information on her compensation closer to 2021. Interestingly I did find that in 2011 her total compensation was $2m – it DOUBLED in 3 years. Sally must have worked REAL hard…but if we look at the growth of BWW between 2011 and 2014 it's average at best…interesting. I wonder if any of the restaurant staff at BWW doubled their salaries over that same time period?

    I think when people tell you that "companies should pay more" – instead of taking it as an attack, look into it. You might say "making wings isn't worth $12 an hour" – but the people who would otherwise work there say it is – and they're the ones making the wings. BWW could afford to pay more and still maintain a healthy profit – they have been able to pay more for the last…almost a decade and instead they decided to fill up executive and Wall Street pockets. The pandemic is just a catalyst that caused the bill to come due.

    Lastly, those 1.8 million Americans wouldn't be able to collect unemployment if they weren't unemployed. The VAST majority of businesses that did mass layoffs in 2020 still turned a healthy profit. They could have afforded to keep their employees on and stand by them in a time of crisis. Instead they decided to throw them out like yesterday's trash. Now when the companies are hurting for employees people are shocked these same people aren't running back to their employers.

  23. I know, how dare people rather make money than work for peanuts.
    I like you Ken, but I STRONGLY disagree with you on this one. Would you want to work at Buffalo Wild Wings? Or would you rather stay home, get paid, and NOT be on your feet for 8 hours + with customers yelling at you and mayyyyybe throwing you a pittance of a tip? Let's be real here, Ken. You wouldn't want to and neither do the people who are refusing to do it.

  24. Employers are trash though!! I’d be interested in knowing if that restaurant values their employees! I just quit a job that mistreated me throughout this entire pandemic! So I found. anew one and left! And if that employeer mistreats me I will leave again. I work super hard and was at my job for five years! They decided not to pay me for work they outsourced me to do during the pandemic 😷 so I quit and told them I’d sue for non payment! Surprisingly they sent me a memo stating I will receive payment t on my next check! I hate trash employers and if that company had laid me off I Wouldn’t to go back either

  25. Working for 11 yrs then quitting. I couldn't get unemployment. Then i worked for kitchen jobs before the pandemic. Now im getting 75 weeks of ui plus 600 now 300$ extra. Im going to collect it all. Especially since i didn't get qnything from my 11 yr job. Dont need to find work till end of September. Lol

  26. Owner are stingy. The can go on 2 weeks vacations overseas, drive luxury vehicles, live in 600k homes, send their kids to dental school. Meanwhile paying us low wage. No benefits. Get real

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