20 Most Lucrative Cities for Real Estate Investment in Africa

20 Most Lucrative Cities for Real Estate Investment in Africa
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Best cities for real estate investment in Africa – in this video we`’ll present the 20 best cities to invest in real estate in Africa. Investment in Africa by country is at all time high. The accelerated pace in urban development in several African Countries implies an impressive potential for real estate investments. Over the years, the general African economy has witnessed healthy growth, with real estate being a successful investment ground. The United Nations has projected that by 2100 there will be 4 billion people in Africa, 1 billion of whom will live in Nigeria. In 2015, 42% of Africa was urban and by 2050, this figure is estimated to be 62%.

Real estate remains a booming opportunity for Africa-focused investors for good reasons. The growth of Africa’s cities creates a demand for increased volumes of high-quality commercial and residential real estate. The rise of the urban middle class drives retail property development, particularly as modern shopping malls spread across the continent. A growing number of multinational companies are searching for office space in the newly emerging cities. The rise of regional tech hubs and an expanding oil and gas sector creates job opportunity with no place to house the employees. An inevitable increase in demand for affordable housing in safe neighborhoods renders real estate in several African cities a very lucrative investment venture.

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