Month: May 2020

Today we’ll take a look at REIT investing. A great way to invest your money into real estate without ever actually buying physical property! TIMESTAMPS How REITs Work: 0:36 Speical Characteristics of REITs: 1:24 Taxes on REITs: 3:39 Information from this video: https://www.investopedia. My instagram: @ga3l3n Get a free
How to get started flipping properties in Baltimore, MD. Deposits and when to pay them. Ashland Auction (Buy Now): Alex Cooper (Fancy): AJ Billing: Read the fine print! Don’t buy homes you can put a dumpster behind, on the side or the front of the property! source
Welcome to the streetwise property pulse Your weekly resource for the latest Ontario financing and and real estate investing updates , where we provide you with timely updates & perspectives from leading real estate practitioners, answer your burning questions and share with you valuable tips and strategies. This week on the Property Pulse, I interview
I’m angry, saddened, and in shock right now. People have been showing themselves for awhile now but since the murder of #GeorgeFloyd they have really been coming out loud. People who are choosing to share and be outraged about the looting and rioting (which I do not support, I am 100% about peaceful protests) but
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