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Ricky Carruth is a real estate agent, speaker, author and real estate coach. He started selling real estate at 20 years old in 2002, became a self-made millionaire by 23 and bankrupt by 25. During that time, he read over 100 books searching for the reason he lost it all. After realizing the problem he started building his business the right way by valuing relationships over transactions. Since then, he hit #1 for RE/MAX in Alabama three times selling over 100 properties a year since 2014. Ricky still sells full time and started real estate coaching agents for free in 2017. He mission is to share what he learned from his downfall in hopes to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry.

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  1. Hi, I sold 120 homes in 2018
    42 in 2019 I tried to start a team and had alot of things fail. I planned to get back into 100 sales range this year but don't feel like I'm on target I have about 20 closings so far this year. I'm in the Cleveland, Ohio market. I realized I needed a coach and I'm following your program now, how do I start to stay in touch? I found your first video does this explain how to start the program?

  2. So yesterday I recommitted to doing the 90 day program as you prescribe no more wasting time and effort. You dedicate so much effort to making us great realtors. I want to one of the ones that pays you back by helping you hit your goal.

  3. I've been in business for 30 years. Between 1993 and 2003 I sold an average of 110 homes each year. Divorce happened; I raised my 2 kids on my own; business fell due to time constraints raising young children. Now I want to be back on top. They're grown and I'm ready to go. I find myself pushing, pushing, pushing. Thank you for this video for allowing me to understand to max out every day and not to be concerned with the final numbers!

  4. On my daily walks, I saw a very nice $1mm home listed for sale.

    I am very averse to working with listing brokers, because they are financially illiterate and they literally suppress offers that they don't understand.

    So, I decided to wait until it was withdrawn or expired to approach the owner; on that day, I left a door hanger on the front door.

    The VERY NEXT DAY the seller moved out, losing their $1mm home to deed in lieu of foreclosure, because the listing broker let their home languish on the market for 4 months.

    I hate when I see people lose their home to foreclosure, because the listing broker is an idiot.

    Bad things happen to good people, but this failure was entirely the listing broker's fault.
    I can only imagine that (former) owner looking at my door hanger and saying, "Now you tell me! Where were you when I needed you?"

    I am not a licensed broker, so I can cross their signs and initiate discussion with the owner.

    That's when I decided to start hanging my door hangers on the other homes with realtor signs; they have already raised their hand and most of them need my help.

    At least with my creative financing solutions, they have a chance of reinstating their loan and saving their credit.

    I won't say "no" for the seller; I will make the offer and let the seller decide, and I refuse to let a financially illiterate listing broker say "no" on behalf of their client.

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