£3,000,000 Property Flips in 2 Years | Winners Wednesday #179

£3,000,000 Property Flips in 2 Years | Winners Wednesday #179

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Meet Darren & Ella from Della Estates! In this interview, in their home in Andover they discuss the highs and lows of their property journey.

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  1. Stay smart, stay motivated and lead your OWN path guys, DO YOUR OWN WORK! Channels like this is just entertainment. Don't foget that!

  2. So the overall profit made £115.000 they are only getting an agreed % of that profit as the investor owns the house. As the couple are the middle men doing the work . Correct

  3. Can a landlord out smart the rent to rent deals, for example i just paid £5000 ( for example) for the refurbing the house so we can start to rent out the property and have the cash flow. But what if I did all that hard work and he says he doesn’t wanna deal with us for some other reason. I put all that work in and put all that money in for nothing. Making no profit . He say he wants us out of this house. I just redecorated the for nothing. I recon that can happen. I don’t think you can do anything about it.

  4. Hi Mr Leeds . I am from SA ,and I am in need of an online job. I am eager to learn ,and am willing to do the hardest job . Kindly assist if you are able . Thanking you in advance 🙏

  5. Hey Sam, great videos!

    I am writing to you from Bosnia, in hope that you will read this and possibly help me.

    I am master of law sciences, 34 years old, employed for bad salary, my wife is 33 years old professor of English language, unemployed. We have 2 children, daughter 3 years old and son 2 years old, and due to Covid, Ukraine crisis and every other crisis, my job is questionable, and our apartment too, because bank asks for monthly payment of debts, ofcourse.

    Our debt is 65000 Euros, so I came to a idea to ask you, complete stranger for help, thats how desperate I am.

    Please help us if you can.

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