4 Big Mistakes When Meeting Home Buyers for the First Time

4 Big Mistakes When Meeting Home Buyers for the First Time
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How should I prepare my first meeting with home buyers? New real estate agents often make these 4 big mistakes when they meet home buyers for the first time. Making just one of these mistakes might cost these agents the deal.
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First impressions are everything. When you have that first meeting with a home buyer, you need to be ready for anything. The more prepared and organized you are, the more likely the buyer will trust you with the biggest investment of their lives.

New real estate agents will often make these common mistakes, and they will learn how to make a great presentation the hard way. You don’t have to be one of those agents. In this video, Robert Rico shares with you 4 big mistakes that new agents make when meeting the home buyer.

00:00 – Why is the first meeting with home buyers important?
01:18 – Find a good location
03:10 – Make a connection
04:35 – Best way to ask about pre-approvals
07:54 – Why you shouldn’t use the buyer-broker agreement
11:40 – Final thoughts on these 4 mistakes

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