4 Buying Indicators, $260K Price Drops in Toronto, Montreal Stats, 2022 Canadian Real Estate Market

4 Buying Indicators, $260K Price Drops in Toronto, Montreal Stats, 2022 Canadian Real Estate Market
Buying Real Estate

Important!!! I finally have a Home Buying Recipe for all those wondering when is the best time to buy. I cover the Halifax, Montreal, and Toronto GTA price trends and statistics. GTA sees $260,000 price declines since February, and I share what I’m seeing in my day to day business.







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  1. I will forever be indebted to you Ms. rachael campbell, you have changed my entire life. I will continue to preach on your name for the world to hear that you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment. Thanks

  2. People who don’t understand, this is how math works : if it takes 50% increase for a house to reach certain price, it takes only about 33.3% drop to get back to the same price.

  3. I can make people millions if they follow my advice. The Chinese never buy into a falling market of any type. Here's how to get rich. Just follow the 4 Chinese😁 cities Markham, Richmond Hill, Unionville and Stouffville and when the first Chinaman buys back into the market that will spell the very bottom of the market because when one Chinaman buys they all buy and a handful of Chinamen can drive the price of a home two or three fold in a very short span of time. So get it right the only driver of real estate prices in Canada are the Chinese and when the first Chinaman buys you buy its that simple. I've also made people hundreds of billions of dollars on stock tips and elaborate trades.

  4. The graph at 13:25 doesn't go back to the fall of 1982 which was the time to buy real estate and stocks. I bought 3 homes in December that year in Markham. I bought a bunch of 50 year strip bonds that year. It was the apex of the interest rates cycle from the Paul Volcker era. That lasted about 12 years and then the U.S. stock market turned into a three ring circus sideshow around 1994 and only got a lot worse with time. To date only the bankers in Iceland have been jailed.

  5. Bond yields peaked in June but inflation will take a second leg up at the very beginning of 2023. This is to counteract all the baloney leading up to the midterms and the COLA for social security in America. Inflation will fall more in America than in Canada for the rest of this year. We might see a bull trap or suckers' market bounce in Canadian real estate towards the end of this year and see another pullback in prices in the first quarter of 2023.

  6. Most employers didn't increase salary to match inflation . Availability of jobs is less. rent increasing with homelessness.. So, demand keeps falling .price will fall with interest hike. Trigger rate will be kicking in soon. Government relies heavily on immigrants without giving a better living situation

  7. When a housing market declines, there is a factor you haven't touched on, which is the different affect on low value homes vs. high value homes. During the decline of the early 90's, my home with had been valued at $250K dropped to $190 K. People said; "Why would you sell when your home has dropped $60K in value?" We sold and upgraded to a home which was previously valued at $390K, which we obtained for $240K through a bank foreclosure. The replacement home had dropped $150K in value, so we netted an advantage of $90K. Today, the home is fully owned and valued at $2.4 million and I won't be parting with it in the near future.

  8. Thank you for this data backed analysis. I’m not an economist but with the way the economy is going, the inflation rate and salaries not keeping up with it i don’t know ppl can’t see this disaster. They keep saying prices are falling but it’s still unfordable !

  9. The Faith of the Canadian Real Estate market will be decided in Moscow & Beijing and no longer by the Bank of Canada in Ottawa.

    If China & Russia decide to escalate the crisis in Asia & Europe, the entire World's Economy will be doomed, there are clear indications that our World is leaning towards geopolitical escalation & tensions.

    – Expect China's invasion of Taiwan!

    – Expect the escalation of the Russian invasion of Europe!

    – Expect the double digit INFLATION report, followed by double digit RATE HIKE in the coming months!

    The World Economy is set for an unprecedented & painful RESET in the near future.

  10. Of course, trying to predict the interest rate future trajectory is difficult However, there are certain indicators that can be reasonably helpful in determining that trajectory. The recession and its consequences of unemplyment and the resulting reduced demand will reduce inflation. These factors will justify and perhaps even induce the BOC to start reversing its policy rate to fight recession. The BOC stimulation will help reducing unemployment. The govoernment also may help with some fiscal goodies to help growth. These factors combined will take care of inflation to an acceptable level for BOC, will stimulate employment and growth. This in turn will bring back to the market buyers who moved to the side line because of high rate. The high rent cost will help on that score. Also, we need to factor the geoplitical tensions in Ukraine, China and Taiwane.many high net worth individuals would leave those war zones to a safer heaven, Canada especially Toronto and vancouver are the best world destination for that capital. Also, internally and for political and economic reasons the fed and provincial government are not going to keep watching interest rate increasing and the recession causing unemployment, foreclosures and perhaps strikes and demonstrations without doing anthing to deal with the situation.

  11. Lots of great information here. I think the 1.5 year prediction is going to be pretty accurate looking at historical data. Being from the GTA I worry that low inventory is going to be a real issue moving forward.

  12. I'm based in Calgary and currently looking for a house. I'm a numbers guy myself so I wanted to drop a note here to say thank you for presenting the relevant data for where things are going. You back up your perspectives with actual numbers like average sold price instead of fake arbitrary indexs like HPI made up by real estate boards. Keep up the good work.

  13. Montreal has a problematic agent that claims if you can't sell your house she will buy it and pay cash. She's a BLACKROCK bimbo. Part of the systemic rot in the housing scam.

  14. I live in Niagara region and will be buying back in so your advice has been extremely positive and useful. Sold at the beginning of the plandempic out of necessity. Listed March closed late August was locked into to dragged out offer then it was too late and prices overnight went nutso. Due to you I am much calmer and have a more patient plan (living with a friend). Hope you will be my agent once all 4 lines match up! Thank you again for your much invested time in analyzing the market!

  15. I just bought an investment property in Barrie. Similar houses were going for 1-1.1m back in Dec to Feb. Now it's down to 800k. It likely will drop further to $750k. But 5 years from now, it'll be back to 1-1.1m. And if that happens, I will consider it a good investment.

  16. Thank you so much for all the efforts and informative videos. I have a quick question!
    What source did you use for summarizing the 4 indicators that you mentioned in your video? Are there any other indicators that we should watch?

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