4 Ways to help Real Estate Agents Stay on Task Throughout the Day

4 Ways to help Real Estate Agents Stay on Task Throughout the Day

4 Ways to help Real Estate Agents Stay on Task Throughout the Day | Real Estate Agent Training

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~ Josh Barnett with eXp Realty

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Ready to move your Team to eXp Realty, call me at 405-315-7965 and lets complete your Letter of Intent (https://cdn.expcloud.co/explore/2019/11/LOI-Policy-11.15.2019.pdf) and meet with the onboarding team!!!!

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🏫 Real Estate Agent Videos – How to Find, Market, and Close Real Estate Listings Playlist 🏫

🏫 Real Estate Agent Videos – How to Find, Help, and Close Buyers Playlist 🏫
➑️ https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFSoLWjVd00qCOVNXPK9JEHPSOzLotAdA

My name is Josh Barnett and I am a real estate agent of 15 years who finally listened to what eXp Realty has been trying to tell me since 2015 and I cannot believe it took me this long to move my license over. In this channel I will talk to you along the way so that I can point out tips to help you with your onboarding process when joining eXp Realty.


I have trained and mentored 11 agents here in Oklahoma over the last 14 years and I am so excited to start using eXp Realty’s virtual office, staff of over 9000 employees, and lead gen tools to train new and seasoned agents, Broker Owners, and Team Leaders to become even more successful using my experience and knowledge with eXp Realty’s systems and tools in their real estate careers, the options really are endless.


eXp Realty is one brokerage world wide, international, and providing amazing value to their agents. Call, text, or direct message me and I will share with you why I have made the move to eXp Realty and show you how eXp Realty is the solution to what you need in your Real Estate Business.

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***I, Josh Barnett, Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty have made this channel for entertainment purposes ONLY and all new agents, current agents, new team leads, current team leads, new brokers, current brokers MUST verify all information on their own at their own expense. All training videos are also for entertainment purposes ONLY, do NOT create a brokerage relationship, cannot be used for legal, financial, or real estate advice, and all persons own real estate learning and transaction MUST be handled by the agent in charge or attorney in charge.


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