5 BIGGEST House Flipping Lessons | House Flipping For Beginners

5 BIGGEST House Flipping Lessons | House Flipping For Beginners

Looking for some important tips to start your own house flipping business and get a head start? Tune into this video as Debbie DeBerry, Founder of The Flipstress shares the 5 biggest business lessons she has learned over her house flipping career.

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Welcome to The Flipstress! We educate, encourage, and empower women across the US to confidently chase their dream of flipping houses … without looking like a fool or making costly mistakes.

As an active real estate investor since 2006, I discovered the path to bigger profits faster by mindfully loving the heck out of people, places, and things along the way. I empower other women to do the exact same thing, whether they are trying to do their very first flip or scaling their existing house flipping business.

Where to find Debbie:
WEBSITE | https://theflipstress.com/
FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/theflipstress
INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/theflipstress/


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