5 Items Worth Buying For Entrepreneurs…

5 Items Worth Buying For Entrepreneurs...
Buying Real Estate

In today’s video, I’m going to give you my top 5 tools I use as an entrepreneur!


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The first tool I use as an entrepreneur is my journal. Journaling has become a staple in my morning routine and I cannot recommend it enough.

The second tool for entrepreneurs is a camera! The camera has helped grow my personal brand and has impacted my businesses.

In addition to the camera, the third tool I use as an entrepreneur is my tripod! The tripod serves multiple purposes whether I’m vlogging on the go, or if I’m sitting in my office filming a YouTube video.

The fourth tool for entrepreneurs is my kindle. I am a huge advocate for reading and I find the kindle to be the most convenient method for me to do so.

The fifth and final tool for entrepreneurs is a nice bag. The first four tools all need a place to go! I don’t have a problem spending a little more money for a nice bag that holds my most essential tools for entrepreneurs.


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