5 Keys to Making Decisions in Commercial Real Estate

5 Keys to Making Decisions in Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate

The decisions you make determine the level of success you achieve in Commercial Real Estate. That’s why it’s so important you make wise and courageous decisions. In this video you’ll discover my 5 key decision making with commercial real estate investing.


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  1. My why: "I want to give my family a financial free lifestyle",
    Peter can you please provide us a training video with many examples of master lease agreements , so that we can also creatively think like that

  2. Hi Peter! Thank you for so passionately teaching us how to set and achieve our real estate goals. My WHY is the strong desire to leave my full time nursing job to invest in real estate full time. Being a real estate professional will provide me the ability to home-school my son and travel the world. He is the light of my life, and I want to ensure that I leave a legacy for him and generations to come. May God continue to bless and keep you Peter!

  3. Parents are getting older. Have a child on the way and the concept of financial and spiritual legacy is even more important. My wife and I have very busy jobs. My long term why is to create leverage through commercial real estate so that we don't have to sacrifice life style while still being able to care for the people we love the most.

  4. I believe I have found a deal. Do you have any third party mentors, who can assist me in making the next steps towards fulfilling my dreams especially in this current economy?

  5. #MyWhy
    1. Financial independence, so that I do not rely on a salary to support my lifestyle.
    2. To overcome a personal hurdle in my self-confidence: that I am smart enough and capable to go into business for myself.

  6. Hey Peter, would you mind answering this question? What is your target NET positive cash flow per unit when you acquire a building? I know this varies but what is your personal minimum and what’s the regular $ range you see? I’m talking net positive cash flow to you, the syndicator… after all expenses, mortgage, investors, cap ex etc, and not factoring in anything else (acquisition fees) just that cash flow. Thanks!

  7. My Why is to live a legacy for my family, Be financially independent. Be a blessing to my church, ministries and non profit in the world. I also will like to produce film and television content without depending on studios, Pay my tithe and offering

  8. Why: To step out of my comfort zone and grow financially. Reach a stable economic growth that allows me to take chances in any other ideas or business while supporting family. And to be able to take actions with more impact when helping others coming up or when there's a good deed to be done.

  9. My why: Garner generational wealth and donate to charities and help my parents with their church. Give back and help others by donating my time (most vital asset) and resources

  10. my why:
    I want to set an example to my kids to follow your heart and do something that expresses your best attributes, do not follow the "safe route." I want to show them that following your heart in a responsible, hard working and intelligent way will lead to a more rewards in life than doing what is "safe." I

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