5 Lies Brokers tell about Real Estate Teams

5 Lies Brokers tell about Real Estate Teams

5 Lies Brokers tell about Real Estate Teams – Today we learn not only why brokers are lying to their agents about how real estate teams work but what are the 5 most common myths brokers are circulating about real estate teams. Fear keeps us from success and many brokers seem to be using fear as a tactic these days to keep their agents from seeking out higher levels of success and happiness in real estate sales. Find out if you’re broker has been lying to you.

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Why would your broker fib to you about Teams? The future of Real Estate Sales – 2:12
Myth #1 – 4:33
Myth #2 – 6:04
Myth #3 – 8:08
Myth #4 – 10:15
Myth #5 – 13:37
Why would a $10M producer join a team? – 16:55
In conclusion – 17:57

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