$600K House Flip Before & After – Ranch Style Home Tour, Home Remodel, Entry Level House Flip

$600K House Flip Before & After - Ranch Style Home Tour, Home Remodel, Entry Level House Flip

In the Bay Area, the median home price is over $1MM, and the price tag could be very intimidating for new investors to get started. But in this video, my good friend, fellow investor Tom Tran gives us a ranch style home tour to show us his new house flip in San Jose, California, and it’s a $600k house flip!

This house flip before and after will show you his home remodel scope of work and also how to save money on a remodel. Tom is an experienced house flipper in the Bay Area, and he has done dozens of home renovations before, and he’s an expert in using affordable remodel materials to keep house renovation under budget. In this ranch style house tour, Tom will share his construction scope of work and many home remodel cost saving tips. We are also discussing home remodel tips and house flipping scope of work that could be very beneficial to home renovations and house flipping beginners.

An entry level house flip is different from the home remodel scope of work of a regular ranch home because for the 60 year old home flip you want to keep your budget low and not over improve.

Tom just completed this 60 year old house flip, and he’s going to explain to us on this ranch style home remodel about his home flipping scope of work. This 60 year old home tour will show you how a ranch style home renovation should be done and the home remodel scope of work.

60 year old home flip usually require a more detailed house flipping scope of work because there are a lot of items that need to be updated. This ranch style home tour on 60 year old home remodel will help house flipping beginners learn the process on how to do an entry level home remodel and how to flip houses for beginners.

If you are looking for tips on home flipping and flipping houses for beginners, this video is a must watch because how to create sow and do low cost remodel are very important lessons for house flipping beginners.

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