65% of Real Estate Professionals Suffer from Poor Mental Health | RETOO 281

65% of Real Estate Professionals Suffer from Poor Mental Health | RETOO 281

Serious topic:

65% of real estate professionals suffer from poor mental health.

Katherine and I did a podcast on this topic months ago…
I sat on it.
Didn’t say the right things in the podcast.
I’m not going to say the right things now either.

That stat comes from an article I read for Australian real estate agents.
“65% of real estate professionals had experienced problems with their mental health as a result of the stress caused by their work. The industry is now classified as ‘high risk’ by the Victorian Coroner’s office.”

Jason Pellegrino states, “When you operate in an industry where success is so publicly visible and the measure of success is clearly defined, there can be a strong sense of bravado in terms of the selling culture,” he said. “I think the difficulty of making that first phone call for someone to say they need help would be extraordinary.”

I 100% agree.

Show Highlights Include:

0:00 INTRO – 65% of Real Estate Professionals Suffer from Poor Mental Health
01:20 Podcast and Thought about Real Estate Professionals Suffers from Poor Mental Health from Darin & Katherine
02:56 – Articles for Australian Real Estate Agents
03:49 – Statement from Jason Pellegrino


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