A Fall Day in Perth… a work in progress

A Fall Day in Perth... a work in progress

The Greg Luchak Show presents

Stage 2. Follow my painting of the sky, trees, building,s and water. Still much to do but it is a work in progress. #Artist #artistonfacebook #ottawavalley #Ottawa #acrylicpaintingoncanvas

If you are planning a renovation, flipping a property or starting a small business? Contact me. I would like to showcase your project on my show.

I’m also looking for sponsors. If you are following #Christina_s_Story you will understand why I have taken a new direction for my business. I hope you consider the show. The show is free to watch. No subscriptions required but your support would be appreciated. I will be adding a PayPal link in the near future for those who would like to support the show.

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