A Follow-up Discussion on Commercial Real Estate in the Wake of COVID-19

A Follow-up Discussion on Commercial Real Estate in the Wake of COVID-19
Commercial Real Estate

Recorded: November 12, 2020

This is a follow-up discussion with our panel of alumni experts representing different sectors of commercial real estate in the wake of Covid-19. Hear their take on what has changed, how they continue to adapt, and what insights they have as they assess the path forward.


John Conley (CAS’89)
Managing Director, CB Equities, LLC

David Luski (Questrom’80)
President, DRA Advisors, LLC

Carla Moynihan (LAW’95)
Partner, Sherin and Lodgen

Sandi Silk (CAS’92)
Senior Vice President, Development Partner, Jefferson Apartment Group

Joshua Weinkranz (Questrom’96)
President, Northern Region, KIMCO Realty


Rick Rostoff (Questrom’93)
Vice President of Acquisitions, Linear Retail Properties, LLC

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Introduction
06:22 – How has performance of properites changed post pandemic
10:48 – Would stimulus checks effect tenants
11:57 – Asset performance during pandemic
14:39 – Performance by region
16:24 – Restaurant business after covid
18:10 – Change in property performance
21:01 – What type of properties succeed
22:42 – Properties under development
23:48 – Changes in guidelines and lease commitments
24:38 – Occupied vs. leased properties
31:38 – Developments in the Boston area
34:02 – Legal work during the pandemic
39:00 – Communication through covid
40:24 – Upcoming holiday season
43:22 – Health of tenants during holidays
46:48 – Poll questions + results
49:04 – New acquisition opportunities
52:41 – Multi-family deals
57:07 – Return to normalcy in commercial/retail real estate
1:00:45 – Closing remarks

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