AIE 57: Real Estate: Flipping Houses with Stephen Wealthy Part 1

AIE 57: Real Estate: Flipping Houses with Stephen Wealthy Part 1

Lauren is joined today by Stephen Wealthy, creator of the financial investment blog site Lauren and Stephen talk about Stephen and his wife’s family’s two recent flips, and they dive into the numbers after Stephen discusses his first steps into real estate.
Stephen started investing immediately after graduating from University in 2003 and he’s always had an eye and interest for investing, wealth building, and navigating the financial markets with consistency. Stephen is a self employed IT consultant who works in the Oil and Gas sector with a speciality in GIS systems.

He helps investors find that next level of investment or asset class that they can utilize to accelerate their wealth building endeavors. Real Estate in your local area can be a prime example.
He is currently 43 years old, married with 3 kids, and living in Calgary, Canada.

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