Apps, AI and First Time Home Buying – The Ottawa Real Estate Podcast Ep 61

Apps, AI and First Time Home Buying - The Ottawa Real Estate Podcast Ep 61
Buying Real Estate

This week we talk about home buying apps and whether or not they can make up the difference when opting to buy or sell without a realtor. How AI is being used in the industry and a recounting of our producer’s first time home buying experience.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro
04:49 Greg’s Ongoing Deals
07:54 Apps for homebuying
15:54 AI in the Industry
22:57 Producer Steve’s First Time Home Buying Experience
32:38 Mood Boosts and Outro

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  1. Getting the raw data on properties from apps and websites is fantastic for data junkies, such as myself. Things that you can't really get data on though, such as walking through a property with an agent and letting their experience tell you what warning flags exist in the home, is invaluable. I think the connections that the agents have to get you the data that you don't have access to is equally invaluable from strategizing if you want to put an offer on a property and what strategy to take on presenting the offer.

    Post-offer, the guidance and reassurance that a realtor can give you (along with the mortgage broker and lawyer) also carry immeasurable value. You know that you've done everything that you're supposed to have done, and that the decisions that you've made are the correct ones.

    I think the downfall of having access to this data is that we've been conditioned to believe that knowledge is power. The saying to be changed to "the correct use of knowledge is power". It's a bit like learning martial arts – if you took a couple weeks of classes and then decide you can take on any guy at the bar, you're not gonna have a good time. You've learned just enough martial arts to lose a fight. Access to more data may give you a _false_ sense of knowledge or power if you don't know how to wield it.

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