ARCHITECTURAL urban LIGHTING. Facade lighting of commercial real estate!

ARCHITECTURAL urban LIGHTING. Facade lighting of commercial real estate!
Commercial Real Estate

Friends, hello everyone!

Today we have an important video in which I tried to fit 10 years of my practice in lighting design.

Namely, to tell about the architectural lighting of urban real estate. Most often, requests for lighting of premium-class housing complexes and business centers come to our studio.

In this video, I tried to tell you about important points that will allow you, as a customer, to understand what to pay attention to when working with a lighting contractor. And if you are a contractor, you need to understand what to talk about with the client in order to better understand him and make sure that you would be satisfied with the result.
As I have already said, our main objects are commercial real estate and new buildings in Moscow. In this regard, it seems the most logical to highlight successful solutions in architecture, and become more visible, but not quite so. I recommend working with viewpoints. But what it is, and how to use it, you will learn from the video, as well as a few more important points that will allow you to invest in lighting most effectively!
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0:00 – introduction
0:21 – about urban and suburban lighting
0:56 – about 3 fundamental rules
1:22 – about the fact that not everything is so simple
1:42 – about viewpoints
2:40 – about competence in lighting and architecture
3:24 – about the fact that decisions should be easy
4:36 – And a few more important rules in lighting
4:49 – think about expediency in general
5:23 – about the light environment of the object
5:40 – it takes time to implement. Remember this:)


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