Be the Brain Surgeon of Real Estate

Be the Brain Surgeon of Real Estate

Building expertise is worth the time and effort because it results in sellers calling you. Being a recognized expert creates credibility and a strong desire for your services.

When sellers understand that your knowledge is beyond that of competitors it is often an easy decision to hire you.

Stuart Sutton is an active real estate agent who coaches, trains and mentors real estate agents in Niche Marketing, the ultimate real estate marketing strategy.

Niche marketing is the least understood area of real estate marketing but is the most powerful marketing strategy available to real estate agents.

As a real estate coach, trainer and mentor, Stuart shares how he used to work far too many hours and weekends, but when his young son asked him not to answer the phone, he realized there had to be a better way so he learned and iniated Niche Marketing into his real estate business.

Stuart Never works weekends or evenings, has a part time assistant and his real estate income is more than most real estate teams.

Real Estate coaches rarely cover Niche Marketing and Stuart provides real estate training videos, real estate coaching videos and detailed programs on creating a Niche market for real estate agents.

Stuart Sutton authored the Niche Marketing Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to creating a Niche Market for real estate agents and can be purchased at Amazon or at

Stuart posts videos every Tuesday and sometimes more often.Please remember to subsribe and enjoy Stuart’s videos and gifts.

You can learn more at


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