Best Way For Anyone To Get Started In Real Estate: Tips for Beginner Investors

Best Way For Anyone To Get Started In Real Estate: Tips for Beginner Investors

The misconception about real estate is that the only way to get started in the game is to become a realtor. People don’t know that when you become a realtor you usually are 1yr in before you see your first check. Unless you know someone that owns a brokerage or you’re an exceptional talent. You’re about to learn of the many other ways of getting into real estate without going the realtor route or needing a ton of money. Tonight I have an elite level realtor in the Washington D.C. market to discuss his journey, what he sees happening with the market, what it takes to be a realtor, what he did to achieve success in the game & what you should do to get started in the #1 wealth building strategy in the game. This live interview has many twists, turns & some crazy insider gems 💎 that will give you an edge if you’re just getting into real estate or you’re a veteran in the game. Join me with:

Darian Cole: Century 21 REALTOR, Investor, Executive Director of Feed My Sheep Ministries & Real Estate Tutor

Contact him at:

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