Biden to Eliminate Residential ZONING in America

Biden to Eliminate Residential ZONING in America

Residential Communities Will Become Cities.. Add me on IG @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Housing values across America will greatly change. We are seeing cities such as NYC convert office buildings into housing. I believe there is a huge affordability crisis across America there is no doubt about this however when we increase supply in a given market what will generally happen is rents will fall – this is great for the renter and not so great for the owner of the building. Many of these property owners have large mortgages and are heavily leveraged, this could bring about a situation where they would have to decrease rents to find a tenant. Many of these landlords simply do not have the means to do so and the net result of this will be these landlords facing financial difficulty and potentially losing their home or rental property in foreclosure.

The plan is to remove all zoning so what this would look like is single family homes could be converted into five or six bedroom apartments, this would impact property values and desirability of living in certain area.

Property values are largely founded on median income, amenities, location and crime rate. If the barrier to enter a certain community decreases, so the property value will follow.

I believe this plan to eliminate zoning in America could very well pop the housing bubble and decrease the valuations of properties in many markets throughout the country.

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  1. Local Governments will be financially incentivized to make Cities MUCH More Dense.. Single Family Zoning will be removed.. This will have a profound impact on real estate, do you think this is a good thing or bad thing? I wonder what this will mean for landlords with high costs if more supply comes, they will have to reduce prices to fill their units, this could equal bad news for those with high debt levels over the next five years. Drop your comments – let's talk about this 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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  2. By “ affordable housing “ he means tiny apartments. Slums. It’s not healthy to squeeze so many into small spaces. Lots of problems. Septic. Water. Crime. Lack of privacy. Biden is insane

  3. It will never get passed. “Just a bill, sitting on capital hill”
    Brandon and his minions will be gone soon enough. Builders can’t make money on multi family and housing drives the economy. Someone like Elon in the private market will solve this problem just like everything else. Government acts like black and brown people will stop aspiring to own a home of their own. That’s insulting to minorities.

  4. They hate America. They hate Americans. They want to flood our country with people who are used to being ruled over and they think we won't stand up. They may be right…

  5. If they are forcing everyone into high density multiFamily dwelling, why go to college? Isn’t the purpose of getting educated and having a white collar skill set so you can make more money and buy a nice home in the suburbs? In my upscale neighborhood it is pretty mixed race but everybody is educated. I can’t imagine what these folks would do if an apartment complex were to be built here.a. The educated white, Asian, brown people will seek out other areas if that were to happen leaving the apartments filled with low / no income families which will basically become crime ridden ghettos. It won’t have the effect that they think it will achieve by mucking with the zoning laws. Most of these anti-white policies are coming from vengeful progressive poc that hate whites and want to destroy America as we know it.

  6. So they want the rich to get filthy rich and be able to stay away from this catastrophe and make all people below them the same. Tax payers don’t want it. Who ultimately finds this? TAX PAYERS

  7. We already have people parking motor homes, trailers, big rigs in the neighborhood (obviously they can’t afford storage anymore). More cars, more trailers more stuff piling up each month, now, we really open this pandora box up and really pack em in to get that tax money. Its not difficult to see America a 3rd world country where zoning or rules means nothing and crime is common.

  8. Increase density with people who don’t work. Who pays for this. I’m
    Gonna quit my job and move to the beach on a tent. Guarantee Biden will not have his house next to affordable housing, nor will Nancy Pelosi , or any other criminal in politics

  9. Biden just needs more housing for all his illegals……who will vote for the criminals who won’t be anywhere near affordable housing. And addressing climate change…..what a joke. Buzz word

  10. Agenda 2030. The overlords want us all packed in urban environments where we are more easily monitored and controlled. Your necessities will be delivered by drone and paid for with UBI in the form of CBDC. If you allowed to leave your habitation it will be via state controlled, electric autonomous vehicle. You will own nothing and be happy.

  11. This is exactly what Robert Kiosaki has been saying that the feds are going to steal our properties! It also ensures that people who vote typically have money will vote out the dems for at least a decade im hoping. We dont need affordable housing "aka Ghettos for poor people"
    we need incentives and jobs and industry to be here so those people can earn an affordable wage! Not giving them more cree stuff which keeps them poor forever. Its a strategy the dems have been using to get poor voters for a century! Keeping their foot on the poor peoples neck and no opportunities for them to grow just stay poor and we will take care of your poor asses. Ive been poor most of my life! Until I decided to not be poor nothing changed. Now I'm a millionaire within 2 years of struggle and hustle. Still no education! Anyone can do ut but not
    If your daddy wants to just keep you on a thins strung and foot the bill and not Incentivize your growth. They want to turn all of America into LA and San Fran which is clearly a HUGE shit show

  12. I would like to see Biden start with places like Martha's Vineyard. After all, he is for "equality" and "inclusivity"…(except for "them" of course)…

  13. Hey there John . . . . if you do some research on AGENDA21 this is not a new idea . . . . it's been on the books for about 25-30 years . . . . . its known as a ROMAN CITY STATE bud and you're way behind on this information.

  14. Socialists will never understand the Free Market (i.e., Freedom of Choice); they are compelled to interfere in everything.

    When government intervenes in the free market (i.e., freedom of choice), that always hurts the people that government is claiming to help.

    Marxists (i.e., armed socialists) are always on the prowl for their next hostile takeover of the free market economy.

    "The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." — Albert Camus

  15. This has been happening in Houston for years. The neighborhood school is too small for how many people live here now. I almost didn’t get my daughter into the school and we moved to the neighborhood 12+ years ago for this reason. Not good. It will destroy neighborhoods. But that’s the plan.

  16. So many ppl need housing, it has to be done. New York City homelessness is a serious issue! Ppl lose their sanity and then it’s no surprise crime goes up. Like….. thank you Biden!! (Maybe an unpopular opinion but idgaf)

  17. Remember Pruitt Igoe back in the 50's. If not, then look it up. That's all you need to know when Government forces housing on people. What an absolute disaster.

  18. I thought more densely populated areas have more pollution? How does this help climate change? It sounds like they’re trying to keep the poor in one area to control them even more.

  19. this is Bull Shi*, i don't think anything biden and the administration is doing anything good for this country …. This is terrible and I do not want the change in my town . I found your video very informative , appreciate it !

  20. Changing the zoning law's and turning single family homes into four plexus is not going to help people become home owners but will change the once nice neighborhoods into not so nice ones! Just my opinion!

  21. + Warehouse loft living and office space conversions are successful adaptive solutions.
    + Building low income apartments mixed in with houses can be very unsettling for homeowners who work hard and are extremely and personally invested in that housing situation.

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