Blackcard Coaching Testimonial

Blackcard Coaching Testimonial

Chris knows what it’s like to try and scale a real estate investing business the hard way vs. the Blackcard way. Chris went from student to Certified Coach in 3 years. He is now the President and director of HBTN investments and a Coach with Blackcard. With $23.6 million in active deals, you could learn a lot from him.

Chris started out doing single family flips, then eventually migrated into using multiple exit strategies for his properties. To date, he and his team have completed over 30 projects.

Before he began to coach with the Blackcard community, Chris had a successful career, making great money. Having a good job was the only way to make it, or so he thought, but then Chris realized a few things. First was that he wanted more freedom and time to spend with his family. Chris was working 80 hours a week, with a huge weight of responsibilities. At any time, the business he worked for could make decisions outside his control that would leave him and his family vulnerable and left to find something else. There really was no job security for him in that “stable job”. Job security is a myth.

The second thing Chris realized was that he was investing all of his talent, skills and ideas into someone else’s business. Chris wanted more, to build a brand, a company and to keep more of his own money in his pocket. He wanted to reinvest his talent back into his own business to create real wealth.

He was hesitant to jump into real estate because of a mindset challenge he faced early on in his coaching, a scarcity mindset. This mentality kept him from achieving his goals, and he ended up just creating a full time job doing everything himself. However, once he started coaching with Blackcard, he quit his corporate job, saw exponential growth in the business, and has been able to do more exciting deals.

In his first year of coaching, he started by doing 1 deal. In his second year he completed 20 deals. In his 3rd year, he is working on luxury flips and is a Certified Coach with Blackcard and has 14 deals on the go. Chris now has the quality time available to spend with his family. He has taken what he has learned and is looking forward to the next 2 years taking on bigger deals, more challenges and teaching those coming up behind him how to have the same success he has had.

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