Building Basic Real Estate Model From Scratch (BEGGINER'S GUIDE)

Building Basic Real Estate Model From Scratch (BEGGINER'S GUIDE)

Google Drive Link for Excel Sheet:

Basic financial modeling for a rental property built from scratch with amortization schedule, sources & uses of funds section, and a brief pro forma financial statement to calculate the internal rate of return and cash-on-cash return analysis.

This model is best suited for beginners looking to learn basic keyboard shortcuts and those looking for a quick model to evaluate potential single-family homes as investment properties. Basic corporate finance principles are used to build out this model.

Please let me know if you have any questions or any tips to improve! Thanks

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Open Paste Special Window: Alt + E + S
Open Formatting Window: Ctrl + 1
Change Font Color: Alt + H + FC
Change Font Size: Alt + H + FS
Change Highlight: Alt + H + H
Add Outside Border: Alt + H + B + S
Add Bottom Border: Alt + H + B + O
Add Top Border: Alt + H + P
Insert Chart: Alt + N + R
Change Column Width: Alt + H + O + W
Indent Cells: Alt + H + 6
Add Decimal Places: Alt + H + 0
Remove Decimal Places: Alt + H + 9
Quickly Sum: Alt + =


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