Building Tips in Costa Rica – Building in Costa Rica – Day 01

Building Tips in Costa Rica - Building in Costa Rica - Day 01
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Allen from “Living in Costa Rica” starts the First Day of the 90-Day Challenge!
Can he “Build a House in Costa Rica” in 90 days or less? Let’s find out!

Tractors broke down, and dump trucks were without gas…REALY?
And so much more!

Day one started out BAD. The tractors were late, it rained the night before and the road was so slick, that one of the tractors couldn’t get up the road to the building site because he had bald tires.

We needed dump trucks to bring road material so the tractors and other equipment could build a decent road to the building site.

A septic tank arrives and we don’t have a place to put it?

Already, we are a day behind on our 90-Day Challenge!

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  1. I built off the grid in the Caribbean. If you are going to build a concrete driveway anyway. You should do it first..

    Also a tracked excavator and a tracked skid steer would have done much better. A wheeled backhoe is not the right machine for the job.

    I've been at it for 4 years. Don't beat yourself up if you can not do it in 90 days.

  2. OMG, can we start a lottery pool for when the house is actually finished? Of course there aren’t certificate of occupancy in CR, but I’d put a $10 spot on 112 days myself. Not betting against you Allen but rainy season and climate change has been sending more tropical weather south say hello Bonnie as an early surprise and route 32 closed for two weeks

  3. If you building in Perez zeledon area the supplies caming front Sanjose will be always late because the road condicions in raining season.Steel can be done I vote for a Yes to stay in the positive side

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