Buy a House Now or Wait For a Housing Market Crash?

Buy a House Now or Wait For a Housing Market Crash?
Buying Real Estate

In this video, we speak about whether or not you should consider buying a house or property in the current housing market environment considering the inflated price points, and if we are likely to see a housing market crash in the near future considering the current data we have available to us. Should you buy a house or wait for a housing market crash? Find out in today’s video.

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  1. Great video Griff! I'm always looking for a deal for an income property. Sometimes I question if it's not even worth the search during these time, but this was really reassuring. A good deal is a good deal if the circumstances are right!

  2. What would you say is the better option between the two at the moment, to stay at Home (parents) or to buy a condo in Montreal? I had the same dilemma last year and missed on 30% approx price appreciation.

  3. Why would any reasonable person ask a sales representative for a market if it is a bubble in that market? That doesn’t make sense. Agents offering to be source of market information is requesting an audience for yet another real estate positive, buy-now infomercial. Sorry, but that’s real.

  4. My issue is inventory.. as far as i know since covid (2years) its been almost 1/2 less than previous averages… what when it doubles again ? … but yes a good deal is a good deal. A multiplex at 10-11-12-13x revenue is always good anywhere anytime

  5. my house (that i paid $740k in 2009) in vancouver is now worth way over 2 million.. i did absolutely nothing to earn this 1.3 mil capital gain.. no renovation / reparing at all.. this is not fair for millennials and gen z.. the wealth gap will only grow and sht will hit the fan eventually..

  6. Why not sell your overpriced Ottawa home, buy in Gatineau'/Aylmer for less and end up debt free. Then put the difference in cash in the bank and then invest that different in dividend aristocrats and other good companies. I feel bad for todays 1st time homebuyers. They will be in debt all their life!

  7. Wait 5% down and not pmi required? Seriously???? I thought you need 20% down am I wrong??? Can someone explain???? Is this real or he will loose some subs???

  8. The problem with data modeling is it only looks at the data you're using so you can be missing key metrics. House prices have far exceeded income so you have buyers over extended and when interest rates go up along with peak prices the demand falls. When demand falls people that purchased for investment panic and cut losses. This compounds and boom, there's your crash. The only people truly making out now are those that have been in their homes for years and could take advantage of a low interest rate. The rest is FOMO buying thinking it's an investment at the peak of peaks.

  9. I am in the GTA and I make $70K plus around $15-20K in self-employment income and my bank STILL couldn't pre-approve me for $550K without getting a co-signer. I also own a $20K vehicle that has a $6K loan left, no other debt, and credit score well over 800. It's rough out there LOL, I'm just trying to buy a one bedroom condo just outside the city.

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