Buy Houses w/Out Begging Banks: Real Estate Tips for Beginners

Buy Houses w/Out Begging Banks: Real Estate Tips for Beginners

What if there was a way you could buy houses without W2’s, credit applications or realtors? I am going to shatter all your beliefs about the traditional way of doing real estate. More importantly, I’m going to show you how you can buy as many houses as you want without ever stepping foot into a bank.

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  1. A great piece of info from Kris interview with Scott @ 16:38 that a lot of entrepreneurs need to hear and understand. I've seen a lot of people around me become so much of a zombie to "work" towards their goal and forget to live in the moment. Your most valuable thing in life is time, and you will never get it back. If you want to hang out with your family, then do that. If you want to go fishing, then do that. If you want to go to a youth center and give back, then do that. Just don't live with the regrets that so many millionaires and billionaires talk about on their death beds. Guess what, none of them talked about the money… Gene, you are on the verge of greatness doing what you are doing. Don't allow anyone, including the ego mind, to change our trajectory. Continue the great work! Video Link:

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