Buy Real Estate Before It's Too Late! | Interest Rates | News

Buy Real Estate Before It's Too Late! | Interest Rates | News
Buying Real Estate

Buy Real Estate Before It’s Too Late! Have you heard?! The interest rates are going up soon! Buying real estate can save you!

If you didn’t already know this – real estate is one of, if not the best, greatest ways to hedge against inflation especially if you’re purchasing a rental property.
We hear everyone say “I’ll just wait till the market crashes…” but what they don’t know is that the market is not going to crash like 08′. Lending is not the same as it once was. Banks are much more careful with their lending decisions.
Furthermore, Jerome Powell has already announced the interest rate hike so you can’t say we didn’t warn ya ;). As of right now, we’ve purchased another property ourselves!

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1. Intro – 00:00
2. Interest rates are going up – 00:54
3. Real estate is a great hedge against inflation – 03:54
4. You don’t need a lot of money – 04:37

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