Buying ~$1,700 in Dividend Stocks | ALMOST $60 in Dividend Income Added | Financial Freedom

Buying ~$1,700 in Dividend Stocks | ALMOST $60 in Dividend Income Added | Financial Freedom
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On this YouTube video, we analyze our dividend stock purchases for the week and explain WHY we purchased nearly $1,700 in undervalued dividend growth stocks. The featured dividend stock purchases added ~$60 to our forward dividend income too.

We have each been buying dividend stocks consistently. Every week, we are putting our hard earned dollars to work. The goal is to build a passive income stream that will help us reach financial freedom. Our consistent stock purchases have helped us each grow our dividend income from $0 to over five figures!

Dividend income is one of the easiest sources of passive income. That is why we are always purchasing dividend stocks and sharing those stock purchases with all of YOU! Who doesn’t want to build a passive income stream that deposits money into your account without having to lift a finger?!

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As we are almost through November, the Stock Market is still HITTING ALL TIME HIGHS, or ATH! The S&P 500 or the overall stock market has hung around the 4,700 mark almost all month. The stock market is slightly over or slightly under that mark. Therefore, you need to look hard to find undervalued dividend stocks to buy now!

How do we find these undervalued dividend growth stocks to buy?! Easy. Using the Dividend Diplomats Dividend Stock Screener. The 3 simple metrics of our stock screener are:

1.) Price to Earnings Ratio Less than the S&P 500
2.) Dividend Payout Ratio Less than 60%
3.) Dividend Growth History and 5 Year Average Dividend Growth Rate
Bonus Metric: Dividend Yield

Bert and his wife have been consistently buying Johnson & Johnson, one share each week. Even after their announced spin-off, that didn’t stop them from buying stock in JNJ. In fact, the stock price dipped further and Bert scooped up one more share. In total, they bought 3 shares of JNJ stock, adding to their passive income total from this dividend king. This is always a great stock if you’re a beginner investor no doubt!

Lanny and his wife stayed consistent, by investing with Vanguard. Each week, for the last 16+ months, they’ve been buying a Vanguard ETF, VYM – the High Dividend Yield ETF. The stock price has risen to over $110 per share and they slowed it down to 2 shares, vs. at least 3 shares each week. The stock market is on fire, but they are staying invested, no doubt! The 4 shares of VYM purchased, adds at least $12 in forward dividend income at a dividend yield of 2.73% approximately.

Bert wasn’t finished though. They also added another FIVE shares of Unilever (UL) to their dividend stock portfolio, chipping in a nice $250. This added almost $10 to their passive income stream. Each step counts on the journey to financial freedom.

Lanny also wasn’t done. First, him and his wife are consistently buying more stock in REITs or real estate investment trusts. Lanny bought more shares of Store Capital (STOR) and his wife is buying shares of Preferred Apartment Communities (APTS). In total, Lanny acquired an additional 5 shares of STOR and she bought 5 shares of APTS. This added over $11 to the dividend income total.

Lastly, Lanny also bought 3 shares of LyondellBasell (LYB). Lanny bought the dip baby! The stock price plunged below $90 and Lanny went in to buy 3 more shares. This added almost $14 in forward passive income.

In total, Bert & his wife bought $750+ worth of stock, adding almost $23 in dividend income. Lanny & his wife bought close to $950 worth of stock, adding over $36 in dividend income.

What stocks did you buy this past week? Do you like our purchases? What other dividend stocks are on your watch list? Please share in the comments below!

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As always, we recommend conducting your own research to make your own decisions.


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  1. Dividend Diplomates, I got my Mother to buy 20 shares of DOW at $56.53. Dow seems to be stuck in a trading range so keeping the lower end of the range now has a tell.

  2. Great as always.
    I am deeply devoted to dividend paying stocks.
    On the other hand I have a couple of small aerospace stock.
    One is ASTR which had its first successful orbital launch.
    I think they their goal is as many as one launch per day by 2025.
    It could work.

  3. ps,,,,,,,,,,,im way long dividend stocks,,,,,,,,,,,i add on big red days,,,,,,,,,,,,,I do feel the burn sometimes,,,,,,but just keep in mind you will be doing good in the end….plus I do trade the oil stocks……..I'm way long bp,xom,cvx,,,,,,,,,,,,,but will exit on big weakness…….let the heads roll………hey thanks f

  4. Great stocks in today's video, diplotmats! JNJ and STOR are certainly explosive growth plays when it comes to long-term gains from share value over time and dividend income.. This week and last I spoke about JNJ often and I am excited to see where it goes as its consumer goods segment rolls out into its own business, up, UP & AWAY from here!

  5. Some excellent buys guys!! Unfortunately no buys for me this week. Decided to kill some high interest debt and get golden so I can set myself up for success next month. Should be alot of good buys to make when people start to sell for tax losses.

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