Buying An Airbnb Property In Tulum | Exclusive Discussion W/ Tulum Developer + REAL Airbnb Data

Buying An Airbnb Property In Tulum | Exclusive Discussion W/ Tulum Developer + REAL Airbnb Data
Buying Real Estate

This video will teach you almost everything you need to know about investing in Tulum, Mexico, and Tulum Real Estate to rent on Airbnb. Scroll down to see the outline and skip ahead in the video to learn more about investing in Tulum.

If you want to see LIVE data from one of our Airbnb accounts on a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom you can check that video out here:

In this interview, I sit down with my good friend and partner – Tony Martinez to discuss all sorts of topics related to buying an Airbnb property in Tulum, Mexico.

I purchased my own property and was able to begin renting it on Airbnb as part of my investment strategy in Tulum.

I found Tony when I started asking people these exact questions when I wanted to buy my own property in Tulum.

How Tony Got Started In Real Estate In Tulum – 03:24
Grupo R4 Background – 04:17
What Is The Main Goal Of Designed Product – 05:20
My Personal Experience Purchasing In Tulum -:06:30
What Is A Lock-Off Design For Airbnb? – 08:22
Keeping Your Emotions Out Of Your Purchase Decision – 10:43
The Market of Tulum – 11:43
We Represent The Buyer NOT The Seller – 12:40
What Makes A Tulum Rental Property Successful? – 14:00
Why Is Tulum Out Performing Playa & Cancun? – 15:00
The Law That Makes Tulum Different – 15:50
Brief Azulik Overview – 16:25
What Our Market Study Revealed Plus MORE – 18:04
Tulum’s Massive Growth – 20:17
What Kind Of Returns Can I Make? – 21:00
What Is Annual Appreciation In Playa/Cancun/Tulum? – 22:00
How Long Will The Tulum “BOOM” Last? – 22:30
Map Of Tulum | Can I Buy Beach Front In Tulum? – 25:10
Where Are Good Up And Coming Places To Invest In Tulum? – 27:50
Aldea Uh May – 29:44
What Should I Avoid When Investing In Tulum – 30:25
What Is A Fideicomiso and Trust? – 31:00
What Are The Taxes In Tulum? – 33:10
What Kind Of Investor Are You? – 35:09
We RUN Your Airbnb Rental Property For You – 35:47
LIVE View of Airbnb Properties and NUMBERS 💵 – 36:56
What Type Of Property Is Going To Rent The Best? – 53:22
There Are 2 Types Of Markets In Tulum – 56:18
Working With Real Estate Agents In Tulum, Mexico – 58:39

I go over a lot of questions with a very well know Tulum Real Estate Developer, partner, and friend – Tony and have found that there are a lot of investors out there – who want to learn “how to buy real estate in Tulum, Mexico?”

But they don’t really know the process of buying an investment property for Airbnb in Tulum.

So we created this video series to help others like yourself get the right answers.

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To see our Tulum Airbnb properties click here:

If you had $100k to invest in Mexico – this video is for you:


🙋🏻 If you are completely new to investing in Mexico, please watch this video where we answer some of the most common questions –

💵 If you only had $100k to invest here in Tulum, you should check this video out we made –

💰 If you ever wondered how much money an Airbnb in Tulum can make, watch our backend Airbnb dashboard where we share live data here –

🏡 To view the marketing material of our new development in Tulum click here: Muki –

📈 The Tulum real estate market will continue to grow. To learn more as to why the Tulum market will continue to grow – please check out this video:

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  1. Hey Nick, thanks for the content. I've watched all your videos. I locked in my first unit with Atman Residences. What do you know about the Rumba Hospitality developer in Tulum?

  2. I'm a Canadian with a 450k$ mortgage, My gf and I make around 100k each. Do you think it would be realistic for us to buy a property like this as our residence (because we want to leave canada), then when finances allow it (hopefully after a year or 2) put it up on the airbnb market and get our own place in the area?

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