Buying Homes & Land – Real Estate Investment Series Made Public

Buying Homes & Land - Real Estate Investment Series Made Public
Buying Real Estate


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  1. Who ever said that crazy…this is the best time to buy…the housing a land market is going to plummet…it always does in an economic downturn. So please push those videos out sis!!!!!

  2. Thank You So Much Sister, my Niece and I are getting ready to purchase land and this is right on time. Our garden will not only support us and our family but also others in need.

  3. I have been looking for land. Went yesterday to go view a lot but it was a scam. Have to be careful so many people are out there trying to get over any way possible. But i am glad for you and Brother Watchman with your tips videos since its my 1st time trying for a lot.

  4. Let me make it clear Sister Deborah since you are a lady..& this is from me..not Sister Deborah or Watchman. β€œ If you don’t want to see or hear about buying land right now..if you’re not interested or agree..keep your damn mouth shut! No one cares about your opinions! Those of us who do care & interested need to hear this! Bye!

  5. Wow this takes me back to 2008’s inflation. I brought land in Atlanta for $26,000. and had to sell it for $1,000.00! It was beautiful some one got a blessing. You will be surprised what Yah will do. Although I lost it and now understand why. Thank you for sharing and I will share . Shalom

  6. For those who are afraid to invest in something worthwhile like Land during a plandemic or other types of world troubles, is a fool.
    Billionaire Mark Cuban of Shark Tank/Dragons Den show stated recently: "When there's Blood In the Streets, I'm there to Clean it Up."

  7. Deborah is such a kind, gentle woman. The way she takes time to explain why she does what she's does or says what she says to hard-headed, cantankerous people is remarkable.
    I would have just said, "if this video content ain't for you, then bounce." 😜


  9. I know this is off the subject, but I'm asking for the prayers of the Saints in the loss of my brother Anthony yesterday at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. My family and I really need your prayers Shalom.

  10. Shalawam sister Deborah.

    I hope you will be able to answer this for us.

    How much is a fair market price for an acre of prepped land (utilities and it's cleared) in rual TN that has a delapidated house on it, that needs to be leveled and removed?

    We just don't want the owner adding the price of a house that we can't do anything with it but have it leveled and hauled off.

    Of course we'd take responsibility for removing the delapidated house, we want to be fair about this as we also want the seller to be fair.

    If you have any other advice for us, concerning this question….Throw it in, we'd be happy to be informed as much as we can!

    Thank you for your help and input!

  11. Shalom Family! HalleluYah! My family and I acquired 9 acres in rural Nebraska on July 15th! πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸŒΎ

    We are excited and nervous because homesteading is a completely new way of life for us. I am excited to learn how to can food, grow our own crop, raise chickens (meat & eggs), goats & cows and my 12 year old daughter wants an alpaca! πŸ¦™ We also invested in a whole house generator and a home freeze dryer for long term food preservation.

    Thank you for the inspiration Bro. Watchman & Sis. Deborah! I think I’ll plant some sunflowers 🌻 as well!

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