Buying real estate in Tallinn – Collab with Pegah Faraz filmed at Jõe 7 Penthouse #brokerage

Buying real estate in Tallinn - Collab with Pegah Faraz filmed at Jõe 7 Penthouse #brokerage
Buying Real Estate

so hi, my friends I just had a very interesting talk with Pegah. Faraz very interesting cutover. We were talking about real estate. Topics buying and selling properties. So here it is, we were filming here at the apartment I’m selling currently, which you can see the link over there and enjoy the video.

Well, hello guys. And. I’m sure. My previous subscribers, they already know you, but could you tell me a little bit about yourself for the people who are new here? Hi, my name is Georgi. I’m a real estate agent here in Estonia Tallinn. And. I’ve had a lot of experience in different fields in real estate before it was short-term renting rental.

Now I have concentrated more on selling in buying a property or helping people buy and sell their properties so that is it.. Perfect. So today we are going to talk a little bit more about buying or selling the property more on the buying side since I’m interested. And my followers are interested to get more information about that one.

So I’m just going to jump into the questions now, how much, how much is the percentage of the commission, and who should pay it for several like options? For example, if you’re looking for apartments you do not pay any commission, either. The person who is selling the property, if he’s selling it through the realtor, he’ll pay the commission to the realtor who is representing him.

But if you want help or a realtor to find you and guide you through the process of buying a property, then you pay. Bias commission and it’s usually around 2% and actually I would recommend using Korea. Not because I’m a realtor, but because if you’re coming from another country, you don’t know the specifics of the real estate market in, Tallinn, Estonia, and you can use their experience

and also get help with the contract. And if you don’t know some certain points, and since we talked about the contract, I have a couple of questions. Are there any specific things that are red flags? And we should look out in the contract? Contracting in Estonian is very safe because notaries are professionals.This will be made by the notary, but there are things you should look for when you buy the property itself and If you’re buying with a bank loan, which most people do then the risks are even lower because for some specific danger points the bank wouldn’t give you just long if they exist.

But if you’re buying all out like cash, then there are certain things you should look for. That all the paperwork of the property is in order. There are certain ownership types which are remnants from like Soviet times which if they exist you can see it from the apartment and like the appearance of the apartment.

It can be like a very similar apartment next to the other one, but it will be later more difficult to. Because of this on the ship legal form. Well, that’s really important and good to know and pay attention to, and all there, any extra fees apart from the price of the house and the commission to the agent, are there any extra fees for not rising or transferring anything else?

But they are very well regulated and knowing the price of the property and are going to take a loan on it. There are online calculators. You can put those links down below, and you can know those species in advance, but they are not big, which is, which is divided also by the buyer and seller.

It also is we’re very well regulated by the law. So they will make sure everything is legally correct.

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