Buying Some Property With The Club, Building a Legal Sliding Pit #RoadReaperz

Buying Some Property With The Club, Building a Legal Sliding Pit #RoadReaperz
Buying Real Estate

In today’s bonus video I’m out in Fayetteville NC. With RoadReaperz Club President as we check out some real estate property.


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  1. My Italian grandmother: " Land, dirt they no make any more. Cars they make every day. Cars are not for girls.". I've done pretty damn good doing both.

  2. Do a steak and lube garage. A live automotive garage that's separated by glass walls from the diners. Have lunch while your cars being inspected, serviced, or tires swapped from the burn pad. You could even do a restoration or build over the course of a year and every reciept is a chance to win the completed car.

  3. nice hair cut you look 15 lol that will be great TK people can slide without getting in trouble they really need a place YaY Tk my uncle in San Diego bought property like that and leases to business and the lot is big so he rent parking spots for two charter buses for 800 a piece a month he has 40 cars mostly classic that sit under car covers rotting and he too is a retired Master Chief in the Navy so that's a great investment he's been doing well

  4. With the motel being right next door, I don't see the city allowing the sliding pit. See the motel complaining about it. People won't be able to sleep and won't want to smell burnt rubber. Just saying.

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