Can Real Estate Agents Survive 7% Mortgage Rates?

Can Real Estate Agents Survive 7% Mortgage Rates?

The Million $ Dollar question… Can Real Estate Agents Survive 7% Mortgage Rates?

What Realtors Must Know about the Interest Rate Increase:

Let’s be real, things are changing. And FAST! Housing inflation is on the rise, thus causing the FED to increase interest rates. However, that means homebuyer competition has declined for the 7th straight month. If that doesn’t sound like an opportunity to you, listen up. If you can learn this industry now during this time, you will set yourself up for success down the road.

00:00 Intro
00:26 Will agents survive rising rates?
00:39 The answer is…
00:58 How I know agents will survive
01:08 Realtors are MORE necessary now?
01:30 WHAT agents need to do right now

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