Case Study: Turning a $10K Flip Into $100K Profit

Case Study: Turning a $10K Flip Into $100K Profit

Join Quest for our weekly class with Chris Bounds, Founder of Invested Agents!

There are good investments, great investments, and then the extremely successful investments that make you want to repeat them over and over again! In one example, Chris was able to turn a $10K flip into a $100K return, and with the right knowledge, you can too. With the Slow Flip Strategy, as he calls it, it’s possible. In this case study, he breaks down the numbers of an actual real estate investment deal that he bought in Houston. You will see how flipping this house would have cost him over $90k in profit… but didn’t.

What You will Learn in this Class:
– Benefits of holding property for 3-5 years
– Turning low profit flips into great deals
– The Slow Flip Strategy plan of action


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