Cash Flow vs. Appreciation & Buying in Today’s Housing Market

Cash Flow vs. Appreciation & Buying in Today’s Housing Market
Buying Real Estate

Cash flow vs. appreciation, today’s housing market, in-state vs. out-of-state investing, and how to value a property are just a few topics discussed on this episode of Seeing Greene!

That’s right, David Greene is back with more real estate answers, some brand new metaphors, and basic Jiu-Jitsu knowledge for the new and experienced real estate investor. In this episode, we’re taking ten questions from BiggerPockets listeners, investors, agents, and rookies looking to build wealth through real estate. No matter what stage of investing you’re in, David answers a question for you!

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Episode 534

Show notes at:

0:00 Intro
2:56 #1 Out-of-State Cash Flow vs. In-State Appreciation
13:01 #2 Buy Now or Wait for The Market to Cool?
22:09 #3 What Numbers Can I Trust for Deal Analysis?
27:08 #4 Can My Son Be Approved for This Mortgage?
30:23 #5 HELOCs vs. Retirement Accounts to Fund Deals
32:43 #6 How Do I Return Profits to Investors?
41:02 #7 How to Keep Track of Leads
49:58 Let David Know What You Think!
51:30 #8 Can I Wholesale as an Agent?
56:47 #9 How to Execute a 1031 on Multiple Properties
1:03:38 #10 How to Get Into a High-Commission Market as an Agent
1:12:42 Are You “Seeing Greene” Yet?


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  1. David Green is a born professor educator! His brilliant analogies have helped me understand so many realestate investment strategies that were difficult to wrap my head around.

  2. I just got "SOLD" and "BRRRR" in the mail. It would have been cooler if I could have got them signed somewhere, but I'll take what I can get. Knowledge is Power. Keep of the good works.

  3. Absolutely love this format. Please keep it up. It would be helpful to hear advice on scaling, particularly as it applies to financing (DTI, loan type, etc) and how to balance debt load vs risk.

  4. Hey David. I'm in need of some consultation. I closed on a multifamily with a 1031 exchange in April and am trying to do a cash out refi now in December. Will I be raising a Red Flag with the IRS?

  5. Two things 1) amazing lighting upgrade! and 2) how do I get in your database? I live on the peninsula and dance in the east bay weekly in Richmond. Would love to come to a meet up.

    This episode was great for me as I’ve been grappling with the cash flow vs equity growth.

    Here’s another “vs” question: my main strategy is to diversity as protection against my relative newness. How about: concentrate investments in one area for economy of scale VS. diversify geographically for regional diversification?

  6. Betting on appreciation in a market that may be close to peaking is really stupid. Do the work to find real value add properties that will cash flow. If it doesn't fit into your buy box, don"t buy it.

  7. PLEASE KEEP MAKING SHOWS LIKE THIS. I prefer this format to the podcast/discussion format. Listening to you on your own describe important questions in real estate investing helps me plan my future. Thank you so much!

  8. Thank you David The show was great, great answers David you are awesome I'm looking on a house in Ruskin Florida to buy I'm a Newbie on bigger pockets and this will be my first investment property.

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