Cell | Ep 5 | 3030 Eklavya

Cell | Ep 5 | 3030 Eklavya

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Activities at glance!
Theme and Itempool Question 00:00
Introduction, Mission and Vision 01:58
Videos and feedback from the participants 03:51
About logistics and Certificates 06:37
About online products and Cubical Diwali 09:14
Preview of the Episode 10:57
Robert Hooke 12:46
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 13:00
Making of DIY Microscope with Mobile Phone and microscopic views of some samples 14:42
Microscopic views of Primary Colors RGB (Red, Green and Blue) 17:02
Making of DIY Microscope with Glass Bead and Icecream Sticks 18:06
Microscopic views of some samples19:38
Biomass Distribution and Bacteria 22:18
Cells-Building Blocks of Life 23:34
Diversity of Cells 24:34
Shapes, Size and Color of Cells 26:00
Neuron Cells and Length of Neuron Cell 30:56
Itempool Question 32:25
Difussion of Cells 34:36
Colors of Cells 37:19
Transparent Cells 41:00
Cell as Foctory 46:50
DNA and Nucleus of Cell 47:41
Bacteria and Viruses 51:39
Scissors to cut DNA 53:16
Cell Replication or Reproduction 53:47
Mitochondria – The Powerhouse of Cell 54:40
3 Biological or Genetical Parents 56:26
Multicellular and Unicellular Organism 1:02:11
Cell Communications 1:05:26
Dead Cells 1:08:06
Stem Cells 1:10:28
Tissue Culture 1:11:29
Cancer Cells of Henrietta Lacks 1:12:36
Challeges 1:16:06
About our upcoming episodes and programme 1:17:10
Cubical Diwali 1:17:46

Topic Covered :
The Livinig Organism, Transportation in Animals and Plants, Cell, Cells Structure and Function, Cells-Buildiong Blocks of Life, Reproduction in Plants and Animals, Plant Cells, Animal Cells, Reaching the Edge of Adolescence, Tissues, Diversity, Diversity in Living Organism, DIY Microscopre, DIY Microscopy, Nucleus of Cell, Mitochondria of Cell, Unicellular Organism, Multicellular Organism, Making of DIY Microscope, Father of Microbiology – Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Primary Colors and Primary colors of light, Environment, Telescope, Spectroscope, Biomass, Biosmass Distribution, Bacterias, Protists, Archea, Fungi, Mycoplasma, Coccus Bacteria, Sperm Cell, RBC, WBC, Melamin, Ovum Cell, Neurons, Difussion, Surface Area Vs Volume, Colors of Cells, Absorption of Lights, Transmission of Lights, Reflection of Light, Chloroplast, Chorophyl, Transparent Cells, Organelles of Cells, DNA, Eukaryotic Cell, Prokaryoptic Cell, Viruse, Genes, Cytoplasm, CRISPR Technology, Cell Replication, Mitochondria is Powerhouse of the Cell, ATP Synthase, ATP – Energy Currency of Cell, Cells Communication, Hoemones, Stem Cells, Tissue Culture.

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  1. सबसे अच्छी बात यह है कि आप हिंदी में समझाते हैं ओर हमें समझ में आता है ।

  2. Amazing activities done by you and your team.Time gets over but your activities never end. It shows how much hard work is done by you for us. Whole India is getting benefit from your sessions. In your words, "Aankhon ki chamak wapis aa rahi hai". Thanks for your efforts.🙏
    Harvinder Singh

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