Commercial Property For Sale Near Me

Commercial Property For Sale Near Me
Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Property For Sale Near Me. Commercial Condo Sales (office condos, warehouse condos, retail condos and medical office condos) activity is ranked by the number of of commercial condo sales since January 1, 2021. Learn which Charlotte – Lake Norman Area submarkets are the hottest! And which ones are not.
Commercial Property For Sale Near Me. We are talking about Charlotte, Lake Norman area. Commercial condos, the top four hottest areas in the Charlotte, Lake Norman area based on sales since January 1, 2021. So that is what we are going to cover. It’s a concise video. What I did, was I personally ranked these by the text data download. So this is all fresh, brand new information. Probably won’t be able to get this anywhere other than right here. So, if you are thinking about buying, selling, investing in a commercial condo and I mean by commercial condo, office condo, warehouse condo, office warehouse condo, retail condo, or medical office condo. That is what I lump into the big umbrella of commercial condos. So that is what we are talking about. Let’s get started. Well, sorry, real quick, I just need to tell you North Carolina Real Estate Commission wants me to let you know that I am a Commercial Realtor, I am with NorthGroup Real Estate Inc, in Huntersville and the Charlotte market. I’m also the owner of the Licensed NC Broker since 1991. Retired Charlotte Commercial Appraiser. Let’s see what else, I’ve lived in Charlotte since 1968. And hey, I’ve been boating on Lake Norman since middle school. So I know the Charlotte, Lake Norman market. Now, let’s get started. All right, so number four, South 485, commercial condo sub market. There have been seven sales already in this year. So let’s say, okay, great. Where is the South 485 commercial condo market? You can see right down here. It is the bottom portion of Mecklenburg County. So you can see 485 right through there, and then it’s all this area right down below that. Okay, so that is number four. Number three is South Charlotte commercial condo market, with eight sales since the beginning of the year. So let’s take a look at where this is. Just right above the South 485 market. So you can see right here, this area is like from Highway 51, Pineville-Matthews Road, kinda coming up the Carmel area right there, before you get to South Park. So kind of between South Park to the North and 485 – 51 to the south, okay? With eight sales. So the market is doing well, okay? Number two, South end, East Boulevard, Dilworth area kind of put all these together. Condo sales there, we have 14 sales. 14 sales, that’s pretty good. So this is just taking us up through, what? The beginning of may, ish. So 14 sales, South end, super hot, always is hot. Great area, you can see where it is right here just it joins our central business district. And this is just the hot, hot area. So if you’re looking to invest or to buy, that is an excellent area to consider, okay? So what is number one? Number one, Lake Norman and the North commercial condo market. 18 sales so far this year. 18, that’s really good. So you say, okay, where’s Lake Norman North? That’s pretty easy to figure out, right? Look all the way up here. It goes to the very tip of the County Davidson, Huntersville, Cornelius, this whole segment right there is our Lake Norman North commercial condo area, Okay? So, if you’ve been watching my videos for any length of time, you know that there’s always a bonus. You’re like, Jeff, what is the bonus video? So, okay, here it is. What area has the least amount of sales so far this year? This whole photograph give you a little hint ’cause that was the one and only sale in one of these sub markets, and that was my sale, okay? So it is a tie, the East Charlotte sub market and the central business district each only have one sale, okay? So these markets, I mean central business district is tight. East Charlotte, it’s not so tight. Its just not a lot really going on. But there are some good deals to be found in the East sub market. And then in the central business district. Like I said, my sale was the only one so far. One sale, one, that was it. So there you go. You see right here, central business district right there. Of course our center of Charlotte and then for East right there. It’s everything kind of this Eastern portion of the whole entire County, like in Burke County. Mid Hill area primarily, and then just there’s a lot of just vacant land out there. Okay, cool. So I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you learned a little bit more about commercial property that is for sale. And that is sold near you, near me, there are hot markets. I mean, it’s just going crazy. So we’ve really bounced back from 2020. So I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you did, hey, maybe you wanna subscribe, maybe give me your comment or a little thumbs up. Love to hear what you have to say. And thank you so much. And thanks for watching.


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