Commercial Real Estate Investors: Is Your Broker Working Hard and Smart Enough? (2020 DNA of CRE)

Commercial Real Estate Investors:  Is Your Broker Working Hard and Smart Enough? (2020 DNA of CRE)
Commercial Real Estate

What other questions or qualifications do you ask for when hiring a commercial real estate broker to list or buy with?

Beau dives deep in to the results of the latest 2020 DNA of Commercial Real Estate Brokers Survey that is conducted by theBrokerList and buildout. For multifamily and commercial real estate investors, this is a very important and interesting report to review because it will give you an inside look at how 730 brokers from around the nation answered questions like the ones below. The answers, which are shocking in many cases, should serve as good questions for investors to ask brokers when considering hiring them to list their asset.

What was your gross commission income last year?
What age range do you fall in?
How many years of experience do you have?
Percent that are male or female?
What type of asset did you sell or lease the most last year?
What is your top source for finding property information?
What tool or CRM do you use to track your business?
How many hours do you spend prospecting?
How many hours do you spend working a week?
What’s the average price of your listings?
Which listing sites do you use?
What technology do you use to manage your back office?
What percent of brokers are with national companies or independents?

Real estate investors should know that obtaining a real estate license is easy. There are minimal requirements to earn one and little to no performance minimums to maintain one. For those reasons, investors have every right to ask tough questions of brokers before asking them to handle the sale of their assets or acquiring new deals.

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Beau Beery is a multifamily real estate broker/adviser and co-owner of a Coldwell Banker Commercial real estate brokerage in Florida. His mission is showing multifamily investors how to operate at an elite level be helping them build a reputation in the marketplace, before, during, and especially after the transaction, which results and in substantially more opportunities than their competition. Beau has consistently been the #1 multifamily producer in the State of Florida and Top 5 in the nation for many years. He is routinely sought after by investors for his market intel, data driven analytics, and transactional experience. Beau has been a keynote speaker for a number of podcasts, conferences, and webinars.

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