#CommercialRealEstate: Questions & Answers. Residential Investor buyer: How do I transition? #shorts

#CommercialRealEstate: Questions & Answers. Residential Investor buyer: How do I transition? #shorts

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  1. Commercial Real Estate: Questions and Answers. Question from a Residential private Investor buyer: How do I transition into buying Commercial Real Estate? I own several Single Family Residence income producing assets.

    My Answer: There are five main categories of Commercial Properties (Property food groups): Multifamily apartments (5+ units), industrial, retail, office, vacant development land for new ground up construction or existing buildings for major renovation.

    Specific single or mixed uses that fall under general types include: Hotels, motels, senior housing, warehouse, distribution, flex, manufacturing, sit down or drive through restaurant, quasi restaurant (coffee, tea, juice), general administrative office.

    Other types include creative office (I invented the term – Creative industrial, have not yet heard one person use it yet), medical office, dental, OR surgery centers, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals.

    Commercial real estate has different levels of risk, nine or so physical and economic factors, including financing interest rates and terms that contribute to an overall capitalization rate or Return on Investment, commensurate with investor required hurdle rates.

    A commercial property next door or across the street have completely different market rents and market values sale prices.

    1] Have questions about the future of commercial real estate that you, your family or partner investors own?

    2] Know what the current 1st quarter 2022 Fair Market Value Sales Price is to make a peace of mind decision?

    3] Is it best to strategy to: Sell, Buy, Lease or Refinance your building or land?

    CALL me for an initial Evaluation of what your Commercial Property is worth, if Sold.

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