Cory Boatright: The Journey To Creating Real Estate Wealth

Cory Boatright: The Journey To Creating Real Estate Wealth
Investment Strategies

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When he was just 16, Cory Boatright dropped out of school to sell Kirby home cleaning systems. He was the youngest and most successful sales guy at the company but it was only the first step in a journey through Christian heavy-metal, Ginsu knives, Ebay, and about 40 other companies until he struck real estate.

Now Cory runs several multi-million dollar companies centered around real estate investing. Between himself, his teams, and his students all over the world, he has sold over 75 million in real estate acquisitions and completed over 1000 real property transactions. Today he coaches high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to get the same phenomenal results in their businesses.

Join the guys for a wild ride through Cory’s journey to success and the latest insider real estate strategies like how to buy properties worth millions without putting in a penny, getting giant paydays with short-selling, and how to get double-digit returns with your IRA. When you’re done, round out this episode with more real estate and investing advice from Dana Robinson and Danielle Town .

“When I got involved in real estate I didn’t know anything about it. I just knew I wanted to be involved with it because of my clients… I would ask them, ‘What made you successful?’ These were affluent people and what do you think they said? Real estate.”-Cory Boatright

Some Topics We Discussed Include: Pushing yourself through resistance to success
Unleashing your drive to mastery (it’s in your D.N.A.)
How 95% of affluent people gain and maintain wealth
Bird Dog vs. Wholesaler, pick the right one for you!
How to tap into the trillion dollars just waiting to invest in you
2 questions that can revolutionize your business
The treasure trove of real estate people are ignoring
Fundamentals of short-selling real estate for big paydays
How to buy $5,000,000 buildings with no money down
The biggest tax breaks for real estate this year
Managing your real estate to weather market storms
Where to invest your IRA for double-digit returns

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Passive Income Hacks & The Legalities Of Running An Online Business – Dana Robinson
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