Creative Financing For Buying A Home | Real Estate Investing

Creative Financing For Buying A Home | Real Estate Investing
Buying Real Estate

In this video I was asked if I use creative financing for buying investment properties. I answer this question by going over the many types of creative financing that exist in real estate investing and how we are “creative” in buying our homes.

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About Ryan Ingram:
I believe the meaning of life is to become the best version of yourself for the benefit of all those around you.
Over the past 3 years, I have made drastic improvements to my life. Mainly, because my wife and I had our son; it was very important for us that she be a stay at home mom.
Unfortunately, on my salary in law enforcement, I couldn’t make that happen.
I questioned my abilities as a provider, and for a brief time, even as a man.
I dedicated myself to read one book per day until I learned how to solve this problem.
5 years later, we have a few businesses and over 250 rental properties.
We made sacrifices along the way, but I learned the power of mentorship. I know the importance of finding someone willing to help and guide you, even if they are just a few steps ahead.
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