Credit, Business Branding, & Real Estate

Credit, Business Branding, & Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate

In this live we went over business credit, business branding, real estate, and business tips with Herman Dolce Jr, Dan Fleyshman, Matthew Garland. #realestate #business #realestate

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  1. Invest in Realstate like: Here, Fundrise, Landa and Elevate if you don’t want to go thru headaches dealing with Landlords biases so invest on those platforms as little as 10$

  2. Missed the first part while I was at work, but y’all sure know how to put in that OT. The People’s Champ thanks you 🥊 Excited for EYLU! Break legs at MSG this weekend! One for the books!!! Make sure y’all eat good & rest up. Happy Thanksgiving!! 🤍🦋🐝

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    You've helped me and my family a lot, your recommendations and advice has brought benefits to many life's. I was able to start up a good business through my investment. "Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity." Imagine investing $1,000 and receiving $7,600 in 5days! Della Conor is the best.🇱🇷

  4. I have been watching your videos, and I like your advice, and how you make your videos. I was wondering if using Auto-traders will be a good idea given that I don't know much about the markets and I wouldn't be having much time at my disposal to monitor and study the markets too. My advisor recommends I use Aixprobot since it's fully Artificial intelligence-driven and simple to use auto-trader. What do you think…Ideal?

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