Cryptocurrency For Smart Money – Conterintuitive Strategy For $25k Investment In 2021/2022 – Round 1

Cryptocurrency For Smart Money - Conterintuitive Strategy For $25k Investment In 2021/2022 - Round 1

I’m not very serious. I’m not as professional as I should be. I don’t think anything is out of place. Being any other way would be too boring. Even my english is the way it is. But who cares, really? Life is a thin line running between conventions, so let’s dance on it.

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This channel is about cryptocurrencies. There are both aspects: crypto trading & cryptocurrencies fundamentals. Channel is dedicated to people who want to behave like a Smart Money & wanna make high quality investments decisions.

Most often I wouldn’t talk straight about: economy, mortage investment, gold investment, silver investment or any of bussines conected topics, but often all I will say about crypto will be in some way conected with it through similar background: “how to make money”.


What you should know about our company & our communication?

Main wallet of our company:

Flawless FLOW Private Sale for our token (25k – $100k BUSD)

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