DJ Envy & Flipping NJ talk about Real Estate, & Investing

DJ Envy & Flipping NJ talk about Real Estate, & Investing
Buying Real Estate

In this episode legendary real estate investors DJ Envy and Ceasar Pina joined us to discuss real estate investing, we also discussed the stock market and current state of the economy. #djenvy #realestate #stocks  

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  1. I love the humbleness of Ceasar and DJ Envy. So happy for your success!!! So ironic that you say you don't charge thousands of dollars for people in the community to take your class…what if more people in that room thought that way 🤔

  2. I hope I can get a scholarship to the stock club or eyl university. I love market Monday’s and watch every week. Only thing is I work overnight 3rd shift so I catch everything late.… thank you guys for everything you do!

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