Do You Need a Real Estate License?

Do You Need a Real Estate License?
Buying Real Estate

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You don’t need a license to invest in real estate! You do not need a license to do what I do. If you are representing other people when buying or selling homes you need a license. But if you are buying homes yourself you do not need a real estate license. You don’t even need a realtor to do it. This was surprising to me at first because I thought they were necessary for buying or selling a home. But this is not true in every case.
So, should you get a real estate license? Before deciding consider these two things.
1) Do you want to make a career out of real estate? Helping people buy and sell homes. If so, get your license.
2) If you want to create a business out of real estate by investing, buying, selling, holding rentals or flipping you don’t need your license although there are benefits but also down sides.

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