Don't Be Afraid To Hire Help! Bringing On Your 1st Real Estate Assistant Can Be A Game Changer!

Don't Be Afraid To Hire Help! Bringing On Your 1st Real Estate Assistant Can Be A Game Changer!

“People leverage” is the key to your business’s growth. You must learn how to delegate and trust other people if you ever want to truly grow your company to the next level. The larger you get the more you’ll need to trust other people. Here is how I hired my first assistant and continue to scale my business.

Want to network with other local investors in your area? Want to connect with like-mind wealth builders in your city? Check out Wealth Builder Nation and join the club for free!
Wealth Builder Nation | Real Estate Investors Network (

Check out my book, Cash Flow Secrets on Amazon! I wrote this book for the new investor trying to buy their first property as well as those trying to find created way to secure their 2nd and third investment properties. You can grab a copy with the link below!
Cash Flow Secrets: Real Estate, Investing & Wealth Management Principles They Failed To Teach: MANDRELL, WILLIE: 9781734960907: Books

Want to chat about your real estate needs directly. Book a free 30 min coaching call with the link below!
The Mandrell Co. | Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring

I’d love to connect you with my personal real estate lenders. I have connections across the US so no matter where you are located, we can help you find the financing you need. From hard money, commercial deal and residential loan officers who really understand real estate investors, let us know what you need!
The Mandrelll Co. | Real Estate Financing (

Let’s connect!
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