Don't Let Your Fix and Flip Real Estate Plans Flop

Don't Let Your Fix and Flip Real Estate Plans Flop

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Find out whats happening with Las Vegas Real Estate straight from the boots on the ground , the full time professionals in the industry . Connect with information on whats happening in Las Vegas with housing , as well as insights into the local community .

Don’t Let Your Fix and Flip Real Estate Plans Flop! Today on Realty Check we have Jay Mirando from Signature Real Estate Group to talk FIX AND FLIPS! Thank you for watching, listening and sharing

00:00 Intro
00:52 Our Guest Jay
01:17 Jay’s Investing History
02:20 the Las Vegas Market Today
05:33 Biggest Challenges in Flipping Homes
09:15 From a Flipper’s Perspective, How Does the Market Shift Look
10:30 News Reports Affecting Market Perception
14:15 Appraisals in this Market
16:40 The Worst Part of Flipping
17:14 IBuyer Companies and Flippers
22:00 What is the Ideal Home to Flip and SQUATTERS!
25:30 Funny Flip Stories and Unforeseen Costs in Flips
33:58 How Do I Reach Jay

Jay Mirando
Signature Real Estate Group

Have Questions? Call Us!πŸ“³: (702) 308-2878

Trish Williams Team
Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace


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